Wellness Coaching for the woman who...

Desires to make big shifts in the areas of fitness, nourishment, and mindset.

Desires greater focus.

Desires increased energy.

Desires more success in ALL areas of life.

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A virtual health & fitness membership to motivate & support you, and to help you keep it simple.

Each season of life brings a new type of busy and Nourish is a way to feel grounded & centered in your health and supported by us and the community of other women!

This is a foundational pillar in our mission of this membership: community and surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up and who have similar goals.

We believe we can do it all, but we shouldn't have to do it all alone. 

Let us help you achieve those health & fitness goals and reach levels that you have only dreamed of!

Hi, I'm Laurel!

My Master's Degree is in Exercise Science with a dual concentration in Sports Nutrition and Sports Performance and Training. My passion is helping others to understand health and fitness, and their own role in maintaining and improving their health.

Hi, I'm Leah!

I've been a lover of all things health and wellness my entire life! Through my own entrepreneur, fitness, and health journey I have become most passionate about helping women bring wellness back into their own hands in a way that makes sense and creates confidence!




After many months of trying different exercise activities and still hitting fitness plateaus, I decided to try the Fall Fitness wellness program that Roots was offering. It turned out to be the BEST decision I’ve ever made for myself. The results that I have seen in just one month of the Fall Fitness program are inspiring! It goes deeper than just outside appearance, I just have a positive relationship with myself that wasn’t there before. I feel so good and so proud of myself and what I have achieved, I worked very hard but I had a great leader and group to cheer me on. The program is 2 days a week, you get access to a ton of other quick workouts, meditations, and recipes that you can do on your own, we also have a group text where we keep each other motivated and celebrate activities or wins we have achieved. I look forward to going to class! We motivate and inspire each other to push ourselves. I am so grateful for friendships I’ve made and so grateful to have such an uplifting teacher/trainer. Laurel is absolutely wonderful! She is encouraging, motivating, very thorough with her explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form, she challenges you and is right by your side guiding you along the way. Her gym is immaculate, very organized, lots of different pieces of equipment and the moment you walk in Laurel welcomes you with such a warm smile, it’s really such a comfortable positive environment. I highly recommend!


Having never worked with a personal trainer, I didn’t know what to expect. Laurel instantly made me feel comfortable, like I was working out with a good friend! The workouts she designed helped me to work toward postpartum strength goals. They were equal parts challenging and fun! I cannot speak highly enough of our time training together and I couldn’t recommend her services enough!


Laurel’s instruction is professional & personal too, and her program removes barriers to fitness success by mixing up the circuits & format each time and creating individual accountability in a group setting. Summertime motivation for all.


I have had the pleasure of being in Laurel’s One on One wellness program for 5 weeks now. This program is so much more than exercise. Laurel has helped me adapt my mindset to incorporate self-love back into my life in the forms of movement, nutrition, organization, meditation, and positivity. She works within my specific challenges to help me find purpose and peace in my day-to-day. She is accessible daily for any barriers I face and regularly introduces me to new resources to help me be more productive and purposeful in my life. She keeps me accountable to my goals and I already feel so much stronger, physically and mentally, than when we first started. Laurel just exudes kindness, warmth, positivity, encouragement and acceptance. I feel beyond blessed to work with her.

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