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Wellness Within is a space that has been created with intention, heart and purpose to provide you with tools, resources, guidance and support to reach your physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

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What can you expect from the

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Form & Technique

You'll always get a breakdown of how to do each move and the proper form.

Short & Fun Workouts

We’ll mix it up: different workouts to target different areas of your body each week.

Simple Nutrition

You'll have your pick of new recipes to try on a regular basis that are simple and easy to follow.

But wait, there's more...

Guided Meditations

To help you start or end your day with peace and perspective, or for when you need a midday break from the chaos.

Access Anywhere

Traveling for work? Visiting family over the holidays? No worries! Wellness Within goes where you go. 

Stretching Series

Because we value recovery as much as intensity, we've got you covered with stretches for every flexibility level.

Don't just take it from me...


“Wellness Within has been life changing for me! Between Covid and becoming a new mom, leaving the house to workout wasn’t a possibility for me. With this program- I am able to get quick efficient workouts (that kick my butt literally!!) in usually a half hour or less! I can play the workouts whenever it works best for me- which is GREAT when you have a toddler and I can even cast them right to my home tv!

Laurel is so positive and motivating in her workouts- I always feel like I have a cheerleader in my corner and it makes me want to push myself more. The workouts not only help me physically, but mentally by accomplishing my goals and pushing me to be my best self. And the workouts are just one part of the program!

I would highly recommend the Wellness Within membership.”


“The Wellness Within membership is great! As a “curvy girl” just starting out, I was too embarrassed to go to a gym. Laurel is a great motivator (sometimes when I feel like quitting it’s like she reads my mind and tells me to keep going).  If an exercise is too difficult or just not right for my body type, her motto is “There is no shame in the modification game!” She shows modifications to work for all body types and fitness levels. I feel fabulously tired when I’m done and can see that I am getting stronger! The meditations are great for those times I need to get out of my head. I can do the exercises or meditations anywhere or anytime, I just log into the membership site with my cellphone. My pre-teen daughter has seen how happy I am after getting in my daily movement, she has started to be more active also! I’m so grateful that I joined!”


“The Wellness Within membership has been a game changer for me! After having my first child, I was looking for a flexible and effective fitness program to jump into that worked with my new schedule. I love how new, daily workouts are added each week. They’re challenging, but the plan is motivating, manageable and works into my schedule!” 

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